Lean Construction

Construction Projects Drift is a question of method and tools.

Teamoty, the first Cloud Based Project Management Platform that includes Lean Construction in its DNA.

Teamoty is a Cloud software platform.

To follow up and measure Construction Projects Performance.

1/Easily,  2/In Real-Time,

3/ From all points of view.

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Discover the Power of a Team.

Information sharing can help reduce duration of construction projects by up to 35%.

Field Team

Enjoy End of Construction Projects again and get relax on operations. 


Now start the project from the client’s timeline, coordinating tasks between all trades, no exception.


Get rid of waste, extra non-quality costs. Improve logistics and procurement.

6 Apps to see the difference.


Time-Location Scheduling

Teamoty’s power allows for unique features of time-location tasks management. It displays subtasks, places and duration for each task and micro-tasks in the form of comprehensive tables and even Gantt projects. On field, every operator validates tasks at sight. The project is kept updated in real-time. 

On Site Tracking

Project zones and micro-zones

Teamoty’s power enables the split definition of project zones and micro-zones, thanks to our patented technology, what any classic ERP or Scheduling software can’t manage. Links between tasks are automatically generated. Consequently, the view of done and remaining tasks is accurate.


Project Logistics is included!

With Teamoty, not only you manage the building, on site, but also supplies and procurement phases directly out of field information from scheduling, site opening slots, required material and current projects phases. Our logistics features are real construction project cost killers and money savers.


Contractors also deserve beautiful reports

With Teamoty, say hello! to colorful, user-friendly and much comprehensive reports, project curves and graphics, available from homepage dashboards. They are all customizable by the user himself. Reports can all be saved and remained modifiable as PDFs: it is icing on the cake!

And more apps.

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