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Construction is changing and is facing new challenges!

Teamoty takes up the challenge. By synchronizing the resources and co-ordinating all actors via a proven methodology, our easy-to-use tools change your days. For all, from SMEs to major projects.

Minimizing the environmental impact

Gaining productivity

Integrating into a digital world

Optimizing logistics flows

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Functional, configurable and collaborative, our platforms are available 24h a day and 7 days a week on smartphone, tablet and desktop.


Time-Location Scheduling

Teamoty optimizes your project’s timeline through its new functions for combined management of space and time. Design your schedules with planning for co-activity from the start. Update your schedule intuitively, and choose to represent it as a Gantt schedule, time-location schedule, … Share the information in real-time by allowing all actors to visualize the schedule. Anticipate and adapt all resources thanks to the load curves. Manage your versions, compare to the targets.


Project Logistics is included!

Teamoty centralizes the delivery requests of all actors. It ensures the information flow between contractors, subs, and truckers. It optimizes the use of hoisting means and of space on the site. It provides data for traceability, evaluation and continuous improvement of your logistics processes.

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🚀 Saga of the summer – episode 05: Successful landing for Teamoty in offline mode on Iphone and Ipad, not to mention Android or Windows phone …

Right now, benefit for free of Teamoty Scheduling for a month on any new project!

🚀 Summer Saga – Episode # 02: With Teamoty, aim for the Right First Blow! Take photos when pointing tasks 📸 to better identify the remains to be made of each task over the water …

Make your job sites take off with Teamoty!

🚀 Soon in summer, Teamoty is getting a facelift! A new graphical interface, but not only … discover the new features and the new price list …

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