Teamoty is the fruit of the encounter between Construction and Digital!

And our founding team brings these two experiences together.


Teamoty is born from the experience of supporting 600 construction projects on five continents in the quest for performance and quality. Fabien Font, one of our co-founders, has been pioneering Lean methods in construction since 2007, and has co-authored a book on the topic.


Teamoty is based on 20 years of experience in operating digital services with high availability for the automotive and transport applications. And when we start Teamoty in 2018, we have already proven our capacity of providing reliable service to job sites, continuously since the Fondation Louis Vuitton job site in Paris in 2012.

Our Mission is Human-centric

Teamoty responds to a concrete situation that we have observed and that is common on the field: the challenge of synchronizing the resources of all actors on the site.

Help project teams to build faster, in better quality, with safety and serenity. By bringing innovation on how you schedule your work, and by strengthening collaboration along the entire value chain. This is this mission that drives us.

To achieve it, we need a solution which is pragmatic, accessible and easy to use, and which integrates the specificity of the construction industry because we are fully aware of its constraints.

We Share Strong Values

We believe that all great projects are built with a state of mind and with action principles that guide their steps. Create value, listen to customers, be agile and quick, make it simple.

We are demanding on the technical requirements, and respond precisely to the needs. We have a pioneering spirit for innovating and surpassing ourselves. That’s how Teamoty has developed a novel display process, registered as industrial property.

We love to practice and having hands dirty. We believe this is a factor of success. Meanwhile, we value debate and in-depth thinking. They  help to practice better. We like sharing thoughts and transmitting our knowledge to our customers.

Deepen your knowledge on Lean Construction with our book

How collaborative work optimizes costs, quality, safety and timelines.
Editions Dunod (French)

Learn how Lean Construction can help improve margins, timelines and safety in your construction projects. This book has been co-authored by our CEO Fabien Font and Hervé Grua, former Industrial Director of KP1 and Plant Director of Groupe Lafarge.
Order the book of Lean Construction

Our Managing Team

Fabien FONT


Fabien is the creative guy. He wants to change the world.

Fabien is the CEO of Teamoty. He started his career in industrial production at L’Oréal. In 2007 he created IMMA, a consultancy and training firm, and has since been the pioneer in France in the adaptation and implementation of Lean Management in the construction sector (more than 1,000 projects on his track record).

Fabien is a graduate of École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers de Lille.



Olivier is the traveller. He will look farther.

Olivier is the Technical Director of Teamoty. He has been passionate about computers since childhood. For 20 years now, he is leading an independent DevOps team specializing in real-time processing and embedded systems. Before that, he worked in the aeronautics and automotive sectors.

Olivier is a graduate of École Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et Microtechnique.

Peter RAPP


Peter is the researcher. He will look inside.

Peter is the co-founder of Teamoty. He runs with Olivier, the company where the embryo of Teamoty germinated in 2012, and where he advises public and private sector clients in the field of mobility. He has been on the board of directors of an engineering and architecture firm for 10 years.

Peter is a graduate of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). He holds a doctorate in quantum chemistry.



Adrien is judoka. He wouldn't give up.

Adrien is the production manager of Teamoty. He is the one who puts Teamoty in place for customers, and ensures the service! Before Teamoty, he spent 10 years in the ERP world, where he carried out custom integrations for different software companies.

Adrien holds a license in management information technology.

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