Teamoty is a platform of 6 powerful apps!

Used integrated or standalone, the 6 apps of Teamoty will change your daily work and the way you communicate on job sites and more. See how.


Build faster with Teamoty's Tasks creation automation and sequencing

  • Multi-users, multi-schedules management
  • Schedule version and scenarii management
  • Time Location multi-users Scheduling
  • Create and update tasks sequences
  • Automated generation of micro-tasks and planning
  • Schedule user-friendly Visual Management (One-click change-
  • Preset scheduling templates
  • Curves for all types of resources: human, machines, storage areas
  • Progress check
  • Export to PDFs, xls, MS Project, Primavera

Automated financial worksite follow-up

  • Global real time follow-up : S curves and Tables
  • Work in Progress follow-up  by construction sets
  • Work in Progress follow-up by company
  • Invoicing and settlement :interfaces with SAP and other ERPs
  • Comparison charts between forecasted, engaged, due spendings and payments.
  • Monthly statements.

Get dynamic reliable and filtered Key Performance Indicators

  • User customizable dashboard and reports
  • Multi-project View
  • Comments follow-up by KPI, weekly or monthly
  • Filters by company, projets, tasks, micro tasks, sequences, sets
  • Progress expressed  %
  • Buffer Management
  • Projected end time
  • S curves, expressed in currency, sq.m, room etc.
  • Resource follow-up : Workforce, Delivery etc.
  • Percentage of hold promise (PHP) in relation with the weekly schedule.

A real logistic workflow to manage deliveries on worksites and hoisting equipments

  • Share and update Delivery internal and external schedules
  • Including Hoisting equipment tracking
  • Statistical Flows reports
  • Calculation of carbon footprint
  • On plans visualization of flows
On Site Tracking

Manage, modify and share all the jobsite workflow from your tablet or smartphone

  • Micro-zone plan visualization
  • Structural, reinforcement, Technical infrastructures, Architecture plans
  • Multi-levels: Levels, ground plane, plan of site installation, frontage
  • Room by room checking
  • On site micro tasks visualization and checking
  • Visualization of to do’s
  • On site bottlenecks detection & management
  • Off/on line usage
  • Android (iOs and Windows to come)
Changes Request to the Design of Property

Build Agile: Interact with End Acquirer online!

  • Acquirers can check, change and comment Plans online via the common app.
  • On-line Plan reading, change request, material selection
  • Selection, validation and signature (room by room) by the client
  • Quote, invoice and payment follow-up
  • Interfaced with Entreprise Resource Planning software
  • Open interface shared between end clients and Building professionals
  • Changes converted into Scheduled tasks

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