Lean Construction

It’s time to learn
How to build better

Lean Construction is a method that helps construction project to avoid wastes and increase customer’s satisfaction. Teamoty Platform is inspired of it. We explain to you, why and how.

Watch out! Improvements!

Reach operational Excellence with Lean Construction, a method that involves each Construction Professional in the loop, so to optimize Economical Competitiveness, stop Wastes and improve Deliveries
Customer’s satisfaction

Start from the client’s needs to structure the jobsite and build your team.

Who’s got the key?

Put and keep the Client’s deadline at the heart of the construction project.

Project Global Performance

Get continuous improvement, involve staff and suppliers.

How to organize the project from the client’s deadline?


Organize the projet out of the client’s deadline allows the construction team to question the full project process and to shorten long phases.

Learn from past

Remove already identified time consuming problems so next jobsites can benefit from the continuous improved approach.

Client’s centric Scheduling

Organize the project scheduling to meet the client’s deadline, following his objective and not what you’re used to.

Reduce the duration of construction projects

by up to 35%

Bulding a 80-room hospital used to take between 14 and 16 months. With Lean Construction, the timeline has been reduced to 5.5 months.

Remove what has no value for the client

On average, 80% of  construction project tasks has no value for the client. Let’s sort the tasks and remove what is not necessary.
Did the client buy it?

Review the job asking yourself about the added value of this job for the client.

Sort them out!

Start with reducing non added value tasks: moving materials, search for information, preparing the working station…

Just in Time

Think Just in time to avoid wastes, and tasks on hold. Rather put the deadline under tiny pressure.

Continuous improvement starts with everybody’s involvement

It is no surprise that the human factor is the key element that leads to success. Even in  the Lean Construction Method.
A human approach, first.

Lean progress is nothing without workers’ and design office engineers’ involvement. It is the moment to share.

Step by Step

Waste removal comes with multiple small corrections of disorders that, laid end to end, change the global worksite performance.

The full Construction Chain

Lean Construction leads to visualize and measure up the global performance on the full Building life cycle, from design to exploitation of it.

Go further with our Book about Lean Construction

How collaborative work optimize Costs, quality, security and timelines.

Editions Dunod (French)

Learn more about how Lean Construction can help improve margins, timelines and security in your construction projects. This book has been co- written by our CEO Fabien Font and Hervé Grua former Industrial Director of  KP1 and Plant Director of Groupe Lafarge.